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Paracord bracelet armband survival army 550lb outdoor


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Product Details

This is a fantastic, always at hand, survival and get you out of trouble aid.

A great looking bracelet - with a quick relesae claps - thats constructed of 550lb paracord.

The paracord can be swiftly unwound to provide a STRONG length of line for use in a huge variety of survival, camping, hiking etc situation.

The bracelets come in a Range of widths, 1.9 or 2.3 cm.

We offer them in 2 DISTINCT SIZES

You can choose from 4 different colours!!.

Specifications of the differences are listed below - choose wisely!

CIRUMFERENCE of bracelet ( size around your wrist) M = 20 cm, L = 22 cm,

LENGTH OF PARACORD (unwound) M=250 cm, L=270 cm,

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