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Israeli civilian gas mask and filter - NEW/UNISSUED masks - 3 sizes, S/M/L

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Finnish gas mask bag

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These are the gas masks that are issued to Israeli civilians in order to protect them against chemical or biological attacks

. These particular models are those GENERALLY WITHOUT the drinking straw aperture.

We always list them as being supplied without but some will have them fitted; however, we are unable to select these individually.

The larger picture shows the mask with the straw aperture.

Made of rubber, they come with a 5-point head strap / harness to ensure a comfortable and snug fit.

There is an additional strap to wear it around your neck whilst not in use.

They are provided to you with a standard 40mm filter, these may or may not have their seals on.

The masks are NEW/UNISSUED items but I'm afraid I don't know the exact date of manufacture.

These are supplied to us without a carrying bag but we are able to supply you with a NEW/UNISSUED cotton/canvas

Finnish gas mask bag if required (it's one of the options!)

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