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French-army-surplus-F1-rucksack-backpack-day-pack-hiking French-army-surplus-F1-rucksack-backpack-day-pack-hiking French-army-surplus-F1-rucksack-

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The F1  day pack.

Issued to French soldiers for field exercises and short trips.

Rugged construction, excellent for adverse weather conditions.

Water resisteant rubberised canvas construction, it's approximatel 20 litres in size.

3 main compartments covered by a top flap.

Padded shoulder straps.

Straps for poncho or tarp.

  • Original French Army surplus
  • Water resistant rubberised canvas
  • Main compartment can be divided into two sections
  • Front compartment with Velcro cover
  • Storm flaps and top flap cover over the main compartment
  • Back pocket  with Velcro closure
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Poncho / tarp straps


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