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Altberg Leder Gris leather boot wax oil waterproofing for brown boots army



Product Details

Waterproof wax for use in tough wet conditions

Leder-Gris Original is a mixture of 70% wax and 30% oil.  It has been developed for everyday use in average UK conditions. 

The wax provides waterproofing, as it dries – it remains on or just below the surface.


The oil goes deeper into the leather, and helps to maintain the leather’s suppleness by replacing leather oils lost during the drying out process.  If leather oils are not replaced, then boots will be more likely to show signs of flex cracking earlier.

Note - Use of Leder-Gris may darken the colour of the leather.



  • Brush in Leder-Gris when the boots are almost dry
  • Use the brush to work, and drive the wax oil into the leather
  • Always treat with Leder-Gris before storage
  • If leather shows signs of hardening, or after use in extreme wet conditions, use Leder-Gris Xtreme as a ‘one-off’ treatment

Altberg only recommends Leder-Gris

All leather will eventually show signs of cracking where the boot flexes. Treatment with Leder-Gris will slow down the rate at which this cracking will occur.

Drying boots too quickly will harden the leather and accelerate flex cracking - rapid drying may also shrink the boot and alter the fitting. 

Always let boots dry naturally in a cool place.


  • Never dry quickly
  • Never dry near heat
  • Never dry, or leave in sunlight
  • Never force dry in any way
  • Drying boots too quickly can shrink them - if you're in a very hot climate, cover the boots with a damp cloth to slow down the rate of moisture evaporation
  • Use Leder-Gris Original (green label) regularly
  • Use Leder-Gris Xtreme (red label) occasionally
  • For high shine parade finish, use Leder-Glӧs

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