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Altberg Leder-Glos High Shine Gloss Leather Polish For Boots, 80g Tin (Brown)

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Leder-Glӧs is a mixture of 85% wax and 15% oil.  It has been developed for parade boots ors barracks use. 

 *Note – use of Leder Glӧs™ may darken the leather especially in the toe area or where there are scuff or scratch marks

Low Oil Content: Restorative levels of leather are low.

High Wax Content: Levels of polishing waxes are high

Colour Pigments: Content is high

Regular use of Leder Glӧs™ will eventually increase leather hardness due to lower levels of conditioning oils.

*If leather shows signs of hardening or flex cracking, use a single treatment of Leder Gris®Xtreme – note this will darken the colour, but it will help restore leather oils and delay the rate at which cracking will occur.

  • Size of tin 80gms
  • Not tested on animals
  • Flammable
  • Keep out of reach of children – if swallowed, seek medical advice
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth

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